theDrumDictionary – The Numbers Post

So, I promised a numbers post about my app theDrumDictionary almost a month ago and still haven’t delivered. I’m hear to make good on that promise. I must say up front that I’m no spreadsheet wiz or chart master when it comes to tracking my app sales – I have enough things to worry about when it comes to creating and managing apps, so I like to let other people do my dirty work. When my app first came out, I purchased and downloaded My App Sales and I used it every day. The app began having some issues though after the release of iOS 4. It appears they’ve been working on this and it may be running just fine by now. Unfortunately, I somehow lost the SVN repository info to be able to check out the latest version from them, so, I haven’t been using the app much lately. The new iTunes Connect web interface is a million times better than it was, and they’ve even released the iOS app for downloading and viewing sales reports, but I still don’t care for it too much. The tool that I use most often now – and where all my charts and graphs are coming from, is App Annie. It’s a great tool that automatically downloads sales reports and gives you all sorts of nice ways to view the info. Also tracks reviews and ratings, App Store features, and ranks for any and all of your apps. They say they’re in open beta, but it’s still a really solid, free (for now?) service.

Alright, enough with the introductions, onto the numbers.

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